Ski and snowboard service

  • Experienced and trained technicians with many years of experience will take care of your ski equipment.

    Bring us your gear in the evening and it will be ready for you in the morning.

    We provide express service according to agreement and possibilities.

    Performed service operations:

    • grinding and sharpening the edges of skis and snowboards on Montana and Reichmann machines
    • waxing - we use waxes from the Swiss company Toko
    • repairs
    • mounting and adjustment of bindings
    • other minor fixes

    Don't underestimate preparation!

    Regular servicing can extend the life of skis (snowboards or cross-country skis) and significantly improve driving characteristics and gliding. 

    Regular servicing will ensure better stability and security on ice slopes, better sliding  on fresh snow.

    Ski maintenance after the season

    Most skiers have their skis serviced in autumn. It is better to bring skis or snowboards to the service center after the season for sharpening, possibly repair and, above all, preservation of the edges and the base with a larger layer of wax, which will prevent the base from drying out and the edges from rusting during the summer. Skis preserved in this way show much better and longer-lasting sliding properties in autumn than skis serviced just before the season.

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